Let's remove the stigma.

10-15% of the population has
higher reading needs.

It is not just dyslexia

People with ADHD, visual processing
differences or learning difficulties
also benefit from buxed books.

A positive reading experience

Through reworking of text, visual
cues, and proprietary fonts, we make texts accessible to all.

Curious about our story?

We don't just sell stories.
We have one of our own.

Great concept!

"My child with higher reading needs can finally read chapter books, just like his peers!"


What is the verdict on font usage when it comes to dyslexia? Are you looking for a dyslexia-friendly font? Read more about our font.

Pinocchio will be here soon

Our first book is almost ready. Pinocchio doesn't fit in. He doesn't like school. Maybe Pinocchio didn't have the right books?

Bux your Books

Are you an author or a publisher? Contact us for a quote about transforming your titles into easy reads.