What we do

Bux Books offers highly readable books for pupils with dyslexia, attention disorders, or learning difficulties.

Dyslexia, attention deficit disorders, or visual processing differences affect conservatively 10% of the population. The lack of appropriate reading material limits readers to content that does not reflect their abilities or interests. Reading is a frustrating experience and is avoided.

Bux Books transforms novels and literature classics to make the text easy to follow and comprehend for audiences with higher reading needs, while preserving the author's original voice. The focus is on the conversion of existing titles, to give readers access to the same books and the same experiences as their peers.

Bux Books' Secret Sauce

Bux Books has developed a set of content, layout, and literary style rules which can be applied to any publication to make it easy to follow and comprehend. These rules include proprietary fonts, visual cues, re-writing according to philological guidelines, and typesetting decisions (kerning, spacing, number of words per line/per page, hyphenation, etc.). The Bux Books rules are in line with the current recommendations by field experts and have been tested in controlled groups. The rules are periodically reviewed to improve the effectiveness and provide a better reading experience.

How do we know it works?

We evaluate the text before and after the transformation with current industry standard tools which analyse, among others, the number of sentences, words in a sentence, characters per word, and difficulty of words, and assign readability scores according to 5 different scales. The results are high interest, low reading age publications, which encourage the mastering of the language and vocabulary.

Our proprietary visual clues and the formatting styles are additional factors which are currently not accounted for in the available industry tools, yet they have been proven in our test groups to keep the readers engaged and relaxed into the world of words.

Towards inclusion

Our goal is to collaborate with parents, publishers, and authors to remove the stigma of higher reading needs by offering readers access to the same books as their peers: popular titles and/or titles which are part of the school curriculum.