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There was great excitement at Bux Books last week when we finally took possession of our Buxilicious font. We’ve spent many months going back and forth with our font designer, adding a pixel here, removing one there, wondering – too long? too rounded? a litle taller?

There isn’t a huge mountain of research papers and articles out there on font usage and dyslexia, but it feels like we read through them all and the consensus was – surprise! – not a consensus. But there was a clear direction. Sans Serif is clearer than Serif; kerning (spacing) makes a big difference and mirrored letters like b and d – well they’re just plain confusing.

Buxilicious font

It was also interesting to learn from studies, as well as from our own unscientific but very willing guinea pigs, that fonts that stray too far from the more commonly used typography can actually slow reading down. This is probably because the reader now has to switch between the letter shapes that they usually see and more uncommon ones. And that switching just adds to the load that the reader with dyslexia is already carrying. So we didn’t go there.

But we did go with a lot of the wisdom in these studies and with our guinea pig feedback. So Buxilicious

  • is a Sans Serif font.
  • has small distinguishing details on frequently confused letters to differentiate them.
  • has longer ascenders and descenders (those leggy letters)
  • makes punctuation more obvious so that the text makes more sense the first time it’s read.
  • has clear, elegant letters and spacing that ensures that they don’t run into one another but provide a clean, easy read.
  • just looks good!

We know you’re not supposed to have a favourite amongst your children but does the same apply to letters? That’s our main topic of conversation at the moment, whenever we look at the screen! And we’re fickle – we keep changing our minds. But initial feedback has been very positive and we’re proud of all our children letters!

Why not check out the Buxilicious font in our upcoming Buxed edition of Pinocchio? The perfect Christmas gift for the young reader in your life! More details coming soon but you can sign up here for a free ebook and mention Pinocchio in the comments.

And if you’d like to licence Buxilicious for your own work, send us a mail here and we can talk!

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